Monday, August 1, 2011

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a breed like no other. He can be protective of his family, loving, and an amazing pet. Aside from being a great pooch to have in your family, the Great Pyrenees has traits that will help you identify him. This isn't hard either. First off, he has dark brown eyes, with rims that match the color of the lips and nose. Another thing you'll notice about a Great Pyrenees is his coat. It's double-layered and weather resistant with a dense and woolly undercoat, and a flat and thick top coat. But the thing that is most recognizable about this breed is his size. This breed is certainly a massive breed, so if you have a small house or no way to exercise this breed, the Great Pyrenees is not for you.

The Great Pyrenees has descended from molossian hounds that Romans brought to Spain. Here, the breed was used to protect herds of sheep from predators, or they were used as guard dogs. Because the Great Pyrenees' physical characteristics were so important to help the breed be a great guarding and protecting dog, the Great Pyrenees hasn't changed much throughout history. This dog was introduced to the US in 1824. The AKC welcomed the breed in 1933.

This is a lovely dog to have, and are good for protecting herds of sheep, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to have it on a farm. But if he isn't in a farm, be sure he can get lots of daily exercise in a large yard, or maybe in an open field, as long as you can trust your Great Pyrenees off-leash. The breed has a short life span like many other big dogs. He is prone to hip dysplasia, bloating, cancer, and ear infections. The breed is also highly sensitive to anesthetics, and be sure to pay attention to in between his toes. Fungus can sometimes grow there. Grooming the breed can be a challenge. He needs to bathed regularly, and also a weekly brushing. The Great Pyrenees will also shed a lot in shedding season. The breed is trainable, but always use positive training methods. Don't let him become bored or not have much attention, otherwise, things can get out of hand. This breed can be a good family pet, but because of his large size, be sure to monitor small children, and don't forget about the guarding instincts in the breed; early socialization is a must.

Otherwise, the Great Pyrenees will become an amazing companion that you'll love. And the Great Pyrenees will certainly love you and the entire family back.

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