Thursday, July 19, 2012

Brussels Griffon

  The Brussels Griffon- a cute pooch known to have a human-like expression.  One was featured in a 1997 hit, "As Good As It Gets".  It is intelligent and sensitive, and is self-conscious around strangers.  It has an adorable flat face.  There are two coat types. There's the rough coat, which is wiry and dense.  According to the AKC the hardy and wiry the coat is, the better.  The second is the smooth coat, which is straight, short and glossy, with no trace of wiry hair.  The smooth-coated Brussels Griffon are sometimes called "Brabancons".  Their bodies are square-shaped and their tails are set and held high. Their whole structures make for a lovable dog with a tail facing up as if showing pride, a cute and convincing flat face and lovely coats.  

  The breed's origins are traced back to Belgium in the 19th century.  Belgian coachmen kept small, wire-coated terrier-like dogs in their stables as ratters.  The dogs developed from the Affenpinscher and general street dogs.  Other breeds have apparently been used in the mix, such as the Pug, King Charles Spaniel, and the Ruby Spaniel.  This resulted in two different varieties of coats.  The smooth and the rough coats.  The smooth ones were named Brabancons.  This term honored the Belgian national anthem, "La Brabonconne".  These eventually became the Brussels Griffon breed.  Today, the breed doesn't have much use as a ratter.  Instead, they make spectacular companion dogs.

   Though it is somewhat healthy, it is advised that you watch out for hereditary eye defects, patella luxation, and hip dysplasia.  Intelligent and naughty, as well as curious, training isn't too hard, but try to start at an early age.  Let the breed know who strangers are and who aren't strangers, as the breed is sensitive around them. It is a playful and enjoyable breed.  It enjoys playing and like to have walks on a leash.  Its small size makes it suitable for apartment-living, though they still need some exercise and daily walks. Whether the coat is rough or smooth, the coats need brushing twice a week and shaping every three months.  If the dog is going to be shown, hand stripping is essential for the rough coat.  The smooth coat is easier to maintain, but during shedding season, regular brushing and baths are required.  It gets along well with children, and therefore, they make for good family pets.

  The Brussels Griffon is a delightful breed that's curious, adorable, small, mischievous, and great with children and pets alike.  They do enjoy some exercise and are really keen canines!

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