Wednesday, August 15, 2012


   Need a bold, fearless dog that is unrivaled as a livestock guard dog?  Or a brave dog loyal to his family?  Consider getting a Kuvasz as your kind of dog.  This dog's name derives from the Turkish word "kawasz".  This word means "armed guard of nobility", which signified the unmatched guarding capabilities. Another cool fact about the breed is that the plural of "Kuvasz" is "Kuvaszok".  There are a bunch of other assorted traits that make the Kuvasz unique.  In fact there was one point in history that only those within the favor of the royal circles could own this breed.  In the end, it is really conclusive to say that the Kuvasz is already an astonishing breed.

   The Kuvasz has possibly descended from the Tibetan Mastiff and may be related to the Great Pyrenees and the Maremma.  Mentioned before, this breed has been a great guarding dog.  There is almost no doubt that the Kuvasz has played a role in the history of kingdoms and empires which flourished throughout Europe five to eight centuries ago.  It was the constant companion of several rulers.  Though it has originated in Tibet, it developed into today's Kuvasz in Hungary.  Though he is still a big dog, the Kuvasz isn't the giant of ancient times.  King Mathias I, whom ruled from 1458 to 1490, had at least one Kuvasz at his side and developed a large pack of them for hunting purposes.  Later, the dog was under the hands of commoners, and shepherds found it useful to work with livestock.  In World War II, the breed was almost lost.  However, breeders managed to revive it in time.

  Owning a Kuvasz shouldn't be an impulse decision, as there are some responsibilities that come with it.  It needs plenty of daily exercise, and a highly active lifestyle.  This keeps his tendency to chew things and dig.  Therefore, this isn't a dog equipped for city life.  Weekly brushing is advised because the breed naturally sheds dirt.  Frequent baths are also a recommendation to rid the coat of its natural oils that are responsible for the dirt-shedding function.  One useful cleaning method is to apply corn starch to the coat and then brush it out.  The breed is a good worker and companion dog.  However, the strict nature of his work makes the Kuvasz independent and strong-willed, so training it is hard.  For that reason, the Kuvasz should be under the care of an experienced dog owner.  Don't harshly train the Kuvasz; early socialization and firm, consistent training is the key.  The dog is relatively healthy but does is prone to issues such as osteochondritis disecans, hip dysplasia and bloating.  Bloating can be fatal and happens when the dog has a full stomach and goes for a run.  This causes it to flop over.  Let your dog rest for about 20-30 minutes after his meal before exercising.  The breed needs to be monitored around children and family and friends but is other than that he is loyal and devoted to his master.  It doesn't do well in hot conditions, so it needs shady places, air conditioning, and plenty of water if it is in a hot environment.

   Overall, this is a breed that comes with responsibilities, but if you want a trustworthy and loyal working and guarding dog, the Kuvasz could be the right dog for you!

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