Thursday, November 5, 2009

Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terriers are some of the cutest things you've ever seen. It's small, it's cute, it's even loving. But rats beware, these are ratter dogs! And those ratters are the champs of pesky vermin hunting. Rats are huge problems everywhere, obviously.

So when ratters are bred, it's good news. And the Norwich is one of these "miracle-dogs," if you get what I mean. And they were bred in England as ratters in barns. Not really an interesting story? Well, the ears of this terrific terrier are also a part of the breed's history. Did you know at first, the ears on the Norwich would be dropped down and floppy, like a Jack Russell's ears. But then, a century or so after the Norfolk first was bred, the ears were also known to be pointed up like cat. But today, they come in both ear varieties, but typically the pointed-up ones.

This terrier's eyes are a characteristic that make the breed so unique. They are large, very-dark-colored, and very hard to resist. They can look like cartoons. But what else makes this more-terrier like? His high amount of energy. Terriers are among the most energetic and feisty of all 7 of the AKC groups.

Trying to housebreak the Norwich is always a great idea. I mean, he's a terrier after all, so you really need to work with one if you train it alone. That's because the Norwich is independent and easily bored of training. And the coat needs some brushing every few days. The breed will give you up to about 15 or maybe 16 years of fun and love. And because the Norwich is a terrier, it needs daily exercise to release its energy. Energy doesn't get used itself you know. So anyways, just remember that. While great with children, the Norwich terrier does need to be properly socialized with younger children, just in case, because like other small dogs, the Norwich terrier is very fragile and needs lots of attention to health of the skeletal system. But if you want a small, affectionate, cute, funny, cute terrier, this is the dog for you!!!

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