Friday, January 1, 2010


Papillons are some of the most affectionate and clownish dog breeds you'll ever encounter. It has bold eyes as charming as a Chihuahua's, and the amazing amount of affection in its personality of a cupid. Papillons are the zest-in-a-dog sort of things.

Predicted to have originated in France, Papillons were called their original breed name, the Dwarf Spaniel. Papillons flourished when their popularity grew, and spread to Italy and Spain. Historical paintings of the breed have been found in the study of old french history. Now, Papillons aren't the first choice a dog owner would go for, but they're still great dogs! Marie Antoinette loved these dogs. Papillons get the names from those big ears. In French, "Papillon" translates to "Butterfly" in English. This was because the ears look like butterfly wings. However, in the past, Papillons have had rose ears but these days, hardly any should be seen. The Papillons with rose ears were known as Phalenes. Phalenes were the original Papillon, but now aren't the most common Papillon type.

Papillons love any environment of any kind, but it has a long coat, so after coming inside after being in hot weather, try to put on the air conditioning. This breed has a single layer coat, despite that long fur. Brush it regularly and your good to go. They prefer the outdoors, but they can be entertained and exercised well indoors too. But try to let them out every now and then. Overall, the Papillon is a happy, loving, cute dog whose heart is as big as their ears!

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