Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chow Chow

The Chow is a very special spitz. There is much to know about him. He has that weird flap of skin sort of fold over skull. It gives him a weird appearence. Some think it's peculiar and gaudy, and others say it's cute and irresistable. But if you saw this dog's history, you'd be astonished.
Even though little is known about Chows' histories, some think that it may have bred as hunting dog. Others say it was a dog bred to be on the menu. This is because back then, eating cooked dogs was a common thing in ancient China, where the breed's origin is said to be traced to. But either a meat or hunter, the Chow is all woo-woo, loo-loo and bow-wow to people who desire the breed.
Anyway, we don't have proof that Chows are Chinese, but there is a piece of evidence of the breed that shows it may be Chinese. It has a blue-black toungue. Only Shar Pei and Chows have it. And Shar Pei are Chinese, and they have the blackish toungue, so maybe the Chow is Chinese. Other traits that just make the breed unique are plentiful. There's those petite, alert ears, and that double-layered coat. One coat is rough,
and the other is short. This makes the dog easily over heat, so cool him off in warmer climates.
Some other things to keep in mind is that this dog is a major nipper. This breed sometimes can be mouthy, so they need to be trained out of that. Training is no easy feat, because Chows are extremely independant. They need daily exercise, and msut be groomed once every 2 weeks or so. The breed is very aloof and assertive, so they fair best as a one-man dog. But as long as you see the plus side Chow, you'll never regret adopting one!

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