Saturday, October 17, 2009

Boston Terrier

All Americans who are proud of their country, Boston terriers were made for America! The United States is the Boston Terrier's home country, and the place where his history thrived. The nickname of the breed is the "American Gentleman" because of his appearance, which is described in the breed standard as short-haired, flat faced, and compact. And a trait that makes them look fancy is their coloration patterns, that make it look like the Boston Terrier is wearing a fancy black tuxedo or suit.
But these can sometimes more clownish than regal. They may come around and run and romp with you. It may start to go crazy, but they don't bark as much, typically only if they see something. But if you think this is all fun and games so far, check out his history.
In the capital of Massachusetts, Boston, a White English Terrier, named Kate, and a Bulldog, named Judge. The mix resulted in a fighting dog! But now that it has been bred down to a loyal acquaintance pooch, the Boston Terrier is one of the most popular breeds in America.
Another popular breed, the French Bulldog, is sometimes mistaken for a Boston Terrier. You can usually tell them apart by two ways: size and coloration. Boston Terriers are slightly larger than Frenchies. Frenchies are, well, slightly SMALLER than Bostons. Also, about coloration, Bostons are usually Brindle, Black, or seal with white markings and patterns. Frenchies come in a wider variety of colors. So if you study the two apart for a good amount of time, you pretty much distinct them apart.
Boston Terriers are like some other breeds, Brachycephalic. So they have traits like flat faces, bulgy eyes, and large heads. Bostons have bat-like ears, wrinkled faces, and short tails. If you want a Boston, be considerate.
They can shed a lot occasionally, so brush off loose fur. Ear cleaning and nail clipping is efficient but is required every so often. The breed has some problems with health, like proptosis, respiratory issues, skin, eye, and kneecap problems. But these companions sure know how to make the years go on fast! You'll never feel lonely while accompanied by the Boston terrier! So that's why you'd better find one fast if you're considering adopting one, because they are always selling out due to their loyalty!

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