Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The Havanese is the true king of small dogs. They're very brave and constantly overjoyed. It's just so hard to find an angry Havanese. The breed and its joy started out in Cuba. Like the Frenchies, Havanese were bred to be companions for Cuban people. Back then, these dogs were known as Havana Silk Dogs. This is because the breed had a very silky coat. The breed was then called Havanese for short. This is the national dog of Cuba, and Cuba's only breed.
Now that Havanese are revered, they are becoming more popular throughout the U.S. They can be pretty expensive, however, because it's hard to breed a high-quality Havanese. They are also starting to become uncommon in their native country. So you may spend big bucks on this aristocratic companion.
But they are very gorgeous to look at. They have long, silky coats, which they are very famous for. Havanese also have medium-sized heads, that gives them a graceful, but yet clownish appearance. Lastly, these dogs have a small "beard" under their muzzle. So maybe this dog is pretty confusing But they still are fun.
They love to be with you. However, the breed does best with older children. They are harder to groom than most other breeds. But Havanese live for a long time. They need daily exercise, so waking them every day is required. But as long as they're with you, Havanese are happy anytime, anywhere!

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