Saturday, July 16, 2011


Large, powerful, and incredible, the Akita is a breed like no other. They have a big head with a set of square, powerful jaws, a double-layered coat, and a tail that curls up to the top of his rear. And did you know that Helen Keller bought the first Akita to arrive to America? And that in Japan, where the breed originally came from, when a child is born, the parents obtain a miniature Akita statue representing health and happiness? The Akita is definitely one of the best dogs you could ever encounter.

The Akita was developed by Spitz-type dogs native to polar regions about 300 or so years ago. They were originally used in dog fighting, and then later used to hunt large game wild bears and wild boars, usually in northern Japan, were there were snowy mountains. And that may be the reason it has a double-layer coat.

Akitas have guarding instincts and will do everything in their power to protect its family. So it's best to socialize the breed at a young age so it gets to know who's safe, like family and friends and who's not safe, like intruders. Otherwise, it may mislead your friends as intruders. Also monitor the breed around small children. In general, this is a healthy breed, but watch out for hip dysplasia. Grooming isn't minimal nor a handful. It's best to groom them once a week. And the breed needs a fair amount of exercise every day. Also consider having a secure yard, as it used to be hunting dog, and will stop at nothing to catch it.

But all in all, this breed could be your new best friend. Their bodies are big, but their hearts are bigger.

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