Thursday, July 28, 2011

American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier, or Pit Bull for short, is a very famous breed. Some have been known to be very loving and attached to their families. Or, there's the Pit Bull that is known for its aggression. Sometimes, there have been incidents where Pit Bulls seriously injure, or even kill people. In some places, the breed is even banned from To your surprise, these are the same dogs!

So what is it with Pit Bulls that can make them so mean and territorial? Well for one, they tend to be really protective of their families. But the main reason, is how a Pit Bull can have a terrible past. They have been abused by man in ways you don't want to think about. They then try to defend themselves because every human they see they will be scared of. But you can't blame them, it all depends on how we treat them.

The Pit Bull has 3 main traits. First off is his short coat, which is easy to groom, and comes in many coat colors, such as black and white, brindle, and tan and white to name only a few. They have a really big head, and the bigger a dog's head is, the more jaw power there is. They don't have the most powerful bite in the world of dogs, however. The Rottweiler has a stronger bite. But don't let that fool you into thinking they can't pack a powerful bite, because they can, and that's why it isn't the dog for everyone. They also have a muscular body, and are good at dog fighting, in which they were bred for.

The Pit Bull was mixed with the Bulldog, which back then, was bigger and more assertive than today's Bulldog, and certain Terriers, to create the Pit Bull. They were bred for the cruel sport of dog fighting, where they would have to maul other dogs. They would actually be put in pits and fight other dogs, and that's how the Pit Bull got the word "pit" in its name. It got the bull part of its name because it was mixed with the Bulldog. Today, dog fighting is now thankfully illegal.

If you want to rescue a Pit Bull from a rough and terrible past, here are some things to know. First off, he can make a good family dog, but training must start early; this isn't optional. Otherwise, Pit Bulls may recognize you as a friend even if has had a rough past. But you should always know what you're doing when it comes to training a Pit Bull. Grooming a Pit Bull is a walk in the park. However, be sure to brush them to remove dead hairs. They are hardy breeds that can live for up to 14 years on average, but are prone to heart disease, allergies, and hip dysplasia. You need to exercise the breed daily, but if they do get enough exercise, they could be an apartament dog.

So in general, if you're wanting to rescue a Pit Bull, do your homework. Otherwise, a Pit Bull could be your new best friend!

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