Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Border Collie

Labrador Retrievers are the seventh smartest dogs in the world. Doberman Pinschers are the fifth smartest, German Shepherds are the third smartest, and Poodles are the second smartest. So what is the smartest dog breed out there? It's the Border Collie! These dogs are so intelligent, that one Border Collie named Sweet Pea was trained to walk backwards up several steps of stairs with a full glass of water balanced on his muzzle. This record made it to the "Guinness Book of World Records." So this is just proof that the most amazing feature of this breed is his brain.

Aside from extreme intelligence, Border Collies have a coat that is double layered and weather resistant. There are many colors in the breed, but black and white is the most common.

Another trait about the Border Collie is his name. He got the word Border in his name because he was developed in the border country in between Scotland and England. Here, he was bred to be a herding and working dog, where he always had a job to do. The Border Collie quickly began to be known around the world, and was used to full advantage by people who needed a great herding dog. In 1995, the breed was officially in the AKC. Today, he's in the herding group.

The Border Collie is seriously not a breed for everyone. First off, this is NOT an apartment dog. This breed needs lots of daily, extensive, vigorous exercise in a large yard with room to roam. It is also a breed that is best when given a job, such as herding. The breed is a great family dog at most times, but beware. If the breed's exercise requirements aren't met, he can become a huge ball of energy and rage. Also, he may nip at children, trying to herd them. So you need to train them out of this. Because of its sheer intelligence, they are relatively easy to train, but you really need to do your homework and research before considering getting a Border Collie. Just be sure you know what you're doing, and start at an early age. Grooming this breed is somewhat easy. A weekly brushing is a good method to keep the coat looking fabulous. Overall, the Border Collie is a healthy breed, but always remember that he is susceptible to health issues such as deafness, allergies, hip dysplasia, and epilepsy to name a few.

If you want an energetic and smart breed with good looks and an old dog that can always learn new tricks, the Borer Collie is your perfect match!

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  1. Hi, Lucy! This is a great article! I loved reading about how smart the Border Collie is. He sounds like a great pet, but I don't know if I could keep up with him! :)