Monday, July 18, 2011


The Maltese is something to marvel at for sure. It has a beautiful, long, white coat. Though it may be beautiful, this breed's coat is intense when it comes to grooming, especially for show.

Other than its coat the Maltese has, dropped ears, and a black nose. And it also has eyes with very dark rims. What's not to love about the Maltese?

The Maltese may be the oldest European Toy breeds. Actually, they're one of the oldest breeds of all. There is evidence of Maltese-like dogs found in ancient pottery, as well as paintings and literature. And it's also possible that ancient Egyptians worshipped the Maltese. Though nobody can be sure how the Maltese ends up in Egypt, these dogs originated in Malta, hence the name. The first Maltese to be exhibited in America was listed as the "Maltese Lion Dog" at a show during 1877. The AKC registered the breed 11 years later.

The Maltese is a somewhat healthy breed, but they are prone to respiratory issues, eye problems, and in hot weather, put them by an air conditioner to keep it cool. The breed is also susceptible to dental problems, so sometimes you should actually brush their teeth every so often. The breed needs walks every now and then, but don't make it too long; your Maltese may get tire before you do. Another thing is to train them at an early age. They also become attached to their families, so if you leave, they might bark or whimper until you get back. This barking may annoy your neighbors, so you should train them out of this. The best way to do this is not to pamper the Maltese as a puppy too much. The breed may not get along with other pets, and don't like loud households, so it's best to have this dog with only one or two people in the household. And grooming is no walk in the park. Some owners cut the Maltese' coat shorter to avoid all of that brushing, but if you keep their coat like it should in show, you'll need to brush and bathe this pooch regularly. You should also clean its eyes and "beard" to prevent staining.

This breed knows no bounds when it comes to loving. It'll bounce right into your heart, right away.

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