Monday, July 25, 2011

Italian Greyhound

He's fast, he's small, he's an Italian Greyhound! This dog is fast. It can run almost 6 miles an hour faster than the average dog. That's 25 miles per hour! Watch out marathon runners!

Not only is this dog fast, but he behaves sort of like another domesticated animal- the cat! So what makes this breed so cat-like? Well for one, some are intolerant cold climates an rain. And some are even litter-box trained. They also enjoy sunbathing.

Despite their speedy reputation, the Italian Greyhound is more of a lapdog than a "running laps dog". For this reason, you may be surprised to find out that these guys like to sit around all day.

Despite his misleading name, the Italian Greyhound did not come from Italy. However, dogs resembling the Italian Greyhound have been found in arts from Mediterranean countries, including Italy. In the 16th century, the Italian Greyhound was imported throughout southern Europe. In Italy, the breed was dubbed the Italian Greyhound. One century later, the breed arrived in England. This was when the breeds popularity started to grow larger. The first one to be registered in the AKC made the breed recognized by the American Kennel Club.

The Italian Greyhound has some health issues including Progressive Retinal Atrophy, luxating patella, and seizures just to name a few. Also, the breed has a fragile body. You have to make sure to be careful with this fragile breed, especially when its bones are still developing. The Italian Greyhound may need a little exercise in an enclosed yard. If this dog runs away, you'll never catch him. This is why you'll need to train him at a very young age to not run away. Grooming this breed is a piece of cake due to his short coat, but because of this, he is highly sensitive to cold weather.

If you're looking for a fast, warm and loving companion dog, the Italian Greyhound could be the right breed for you.

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