Friday, July 22, 2011

Lucas Terrier

If you've never heard of this breed before, it's no surprise you haven't. This is the Lucas Terrier, a fairly rare breed in America. They have not been registered by the AKC, but in 2006, the Lucas Terrier Club of America was founded. The Lucas Terrier is a very friendly breed that can become very attached to its family. While he is very affectionate, the Lucas Terrier also has a very good looking coat, that is medium in length and weather-resistant. He has many other characteristics that make him look cute. Like some other Terriers such as the Airedale or Sealyham, he has "V" shaped ears. He also has a broad skill that is slightly curved in between those cute little ears.

The Lucas Terrier was bred by a man named Sir Jocelyn Lucas in 1889, hence the name Lucas Terrier. He was the second son of the third baron Lucas. Sir Jocelyn Lucas was very interested in dogs when he was young. In his 20's he bred many dog breeds, including Sealyham Terriers. He used them to capture small game. But then, he felt as if the Sealyham Terriers were getting too big to do the job he had in mind. So he mixed the Sealyham Terrier with the Norfolk Terrier, and the Lucas Terrier was born. Not only did he create the a dog perfect for his requirements, he created a very hardy breed.

There have been no reported health issues in this breed. The Lucas Terrier's average lifespan is 14-15 years. This breed's coat will require a weekly brushing, and you need to hand-strip the coat regularly to prevent it from matting. The Lucas Terrier also doesn't shed, so if you don't like breeds that shed lots of fur, this could be a great match for you. Lucas Terriers need minimal exercise. A daily walk or a little roaming in the backyard will be fine. The breed likes to please, an is easy to train. It is also a very good family pet, as it is affectionate and great with children. It could live in an apartment, but like it was mentioned earlier, give it exercise.

Overall, the Lucas Terrier is a great dog breed to have in the family. They enjoy being your #1 friend.

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