Thursday, July 21, 2011


Meet the Whippet. He's very fast dog. In fact, the Whippet is so fast, that it is the fastest domesticated animal of its own weight; the Whippet weighs anywhere between 25-40 pounds. It can run up to speeds up to 35 mph! In fact, like their larger cousin, the Greyhound, some people will race Whippets on tracks. In fact, the breed even got the nickname "Snap Dog," because would snap at what they thought were unusual dogs on the track. They did the same with small game as well. However in some places, this is illegal to do.

Its skull is long and lean, and it is almost twice as long as it is wide. Its teeth always meet in a scissors bite as well.

In England, during the 19th century breeders wanted a smaller version of the Greyhound, a more healthy and hardier dog than the Itallian Greyhound. They also wanted a dog capable of chasing and catching small game. What they did was mix the Greyhound with some Terriers, and the Whippet was born. America's first Whippets came when English Mill Operators brought some Whippets from England to America. The AKC recognized the Whippet in 1888, two years earlier than England's Kennel Club!

The Whippet can be kept in many environments, but in cold temperatures, keep the breed warm by putting a doggie-jacket on it. Also, you need to give this breed daily exercise in a large, secure yard, because if this dog escapes, you'll never catch up to them unless you're lucky. They have also been known to jump over fences, so you need a tall fence. If you want to train a Whippet, use positive training methods, like giving them treats when they do something right, but don't do things like a shock collar. A shock collar is not reccomended at all, even for all other dogs. Brush the Whippet regularly to remove dead hair. Though not the most common variety, there is a long-haired Whippet, that need weekly brushings. Also be sure to trim this pooch's nails. The nipping that was previously part of the Whippet, has been bred out of today's Whippet, so they are great family pets. However, they still have that instinct of chasing small animals, so it may not be best for families with cats, hamsters, ferrets, rabbitw, or any other small pets like rodents and such. The breed is healthy, just like it was bred to be, but they can have dental issues. The breed is also highly sensitive to anesthetics, so talk to your vet before surgery. The Whippet's average life span is 13-15 years.

If you want a dog that will be your best friend, look no further than the Whippet.

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