Wednesday, October 21, 2009


A peppy, ancient, tremendous toy dog, Affenpinschers are never mistaken for any other breed. That cute little moustache and typical black coloration, distincts the Affenpinscher instantly. In fact, they are one of the oldest breeds, according to AKC!
Translated in German as "Monkey Terrier," these cute little companions originated as ratters, and were bred as companions and ratters. And even though the breed is native to Germany, it has flourished to many foreign people's hearts! In fact, mistresses cherished them!
Now, these dogs are commonly distinct as black dogs. However, they can come in red, tan, grey, silver, belge, and even black and tan! The Affenpinscher has a wiry-textured coat that comes up to its head to form the large, schnauzer-like moustache. It's another trait that makes this pinscher so amazingly adorable. The last characteristic is the Affenpinscher's temperament. They love people, and are cheery around foes, so they may be quite persistent and optimistic, and can sometimes run up to a Pit Bull, and think it can "do anything." And you have to train them out of that habit, unless you want your pooch to know he's not a king the hard way.
This dog can be hardy, but has some, not many, but some health problems, like dislocation of the kneecap, common problems in small breeds. But all in all, the Affenpinscher lives for a pretty long time. Brushing is required, because the coat can mat easily due to the wiry coat. But besides that, the Affenpinscher is low maintenance, too. While the Affenpinscher loves to socialize, they don't do well with children, unless they are socialized with the Affenpinscher at puppy hood.
But if that work is accomplished, then this dog is a perfect family and companion for life, or the BPF4L! Best Pinscher Friends 4 life! Overall, these pooches can be the best dog you can rely on for loyalty, companionship, and lots of licking!

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