Friday, October 23, 2009


Rottweilers are the dogs you think of as mean and assertive guard dogs. In fact, they are even illegal in some areas. In fact these dogs kill people, sometimes. But luckily, these attacks are very unlikely, with a Rottweiler, anyways. But Pit Bulls are a different story, but we don't have to know about THAT, anyways.

These dogs originated in Germany as multi-purpose working dogs, where they would pull carts, and herd a LOT! But now these dogs may have other important things to do, like guarding.

These dogs are commonly guarders, and when people first see them, they may be afraid of Rotties. But those people just probably don't know the Rottweiler. They can be gentle giants if trained properly! Some owners may tell you: "There's nothing like the Rottweiler!" And they're onto something. These dogs are various in many ways. Some people neglect Rottweilers because of their cruel reputations, but then, it only turns out that person who's neglecting the dog is the real cruel one. Even if the dog can be mean, it's usually at a good time. Like when an intruder breaks in or if they see a bone just waiting to be chewed on! And anyways, you can't say you hate someone just by looking at them. One time, I looked at a Rottweiler walking with his owner, and I was scared, thinking it was gonna hurt me, but it jumped on me, and started to wag his tail. He was really loyal, actually. Anyways, this is what I mean when I say Rottweilers aren't always mean, vicious pooches. They even protect people. They do make good guard dogs, however, at necessary times.

They have the strongest jaws and massive skulls to produce throbbing bites. And a bite like that is a good weapon against bandits. Also, their large sizes give Rottweilers more power to take down an intruder, and pin him down, and wait at the right time to release the intruder, like if they hear police coming. But it isn't something police dogs are involved in, because Rottweilers usually aren't the right type of police dogs. Leave the caper-solving to the German Shepherd!

Speaking of that you could probably use a guard dog now. If so, consider the following, first. Like health bills. These pooches can be susceptible to skeletal issues, and too many girths can cause this. And grooming bills, on the other hand, would be low, but you may need fur removing tools, just in case your Rottweiler encounters shedding season! If you train a Rottweiler properly at YOUNG AGE and socialize them with children at PUPPY HOOD, then it shouldn't hurt to put Rottweilers and children in the same families. But if your Rottweiler is a loaded gun, then children would be a huge catastrophe with the breed, so experienced owners are advised. But even if they seem aggressive at first, remember, these dogs could be the love-pooch of tomorrow! Because these dogs are everything but against loyalty, and you'll form a huge bond with a Rottweiler if you don't judge him by his reputation! " :-)"

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