Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is the Weimaraner. The grey ghost, the dog with the intelligence of people, whatever you call it, the Weimaraner, A.K.A, the "Weim," is still the one of the most amazing vermin hunters.
They originated in Germany, about 200 years ago, as large game hunters. Things became great with the breed, but when large vermin weren't a huge catastrophe anymore, the Weim became less popular, but then, the solution, birds, came up. Birds were the new trouble of vermin world, and the Weimaraner started to become a multi-purpose vermin hunter! Today, hunting is still the real deal for Weimaraners. And so is exercise.
These dogs are very active, so they can't adjust to suburban or civilized conditions. You must train them to be trusted out of a dog cage whenever you can't watch after the dog, because Weimaraners can't go in the kennel. They don't like it, and if this is not something you can do, don't even think about getting a Weimaraner!
Weimaraners can be "accidentally independent." Here's what I mean. The breed has a short, silvery coat that can blend in with dead prairie grass, making the dog unable to be seen in plain sight. And the dog may not even know he's camouflaged, unless he hears you call for him. So if you ever find out you're Weimaraner is lost, call for him, because he may be camouflaged. This happens a lot to owners, so the Weimaraner got the nickname "Grey Ghost." The breed has a large brain, and is highly intelligent, and an IQ probably greater than the average dog's IQ! So these dogs may outsmart you in ways you would be reluctant to find out about, so experienced owners are recommended.
The short coat of the breed means very, very minimal grooming. So the grooming fees should be minimal, if you compare it to a Shih-Tzus! You may not have a local groomer, though, because if you own a Weimaraner, you must live in the rural world. And in rural environments, places like grooming salons may be pretty far away, obviously. The breed lives an average life span for a dog of 8-12 years, about. And, Weimaraners do best with older families, but if socialized and trained correctly at puppy hood, children ages 5 and older are allowed. But if you got what it takes, you may the next person to get a loyal, loving Weimaraner!

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