Monday, October 19, 2009

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Ka-Pow! Ice breaks open as a Chesapeake Bay Retriever drops and crushes through ice, retrieving a water vermin. So what is this about water retrieving and vermin? Why the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, of course! These dogs were literally made for retrieving, water retrieving, that is. These pooches are about the best water-retrievin' kanines there are out there!
The history of these water hunters began when Newfoundlands and water retrievers were supposed to be transferred and shipped to a different country. But the ship had an accident, leaving the dogs cast away! Then, the dogs started breeding. Then, when people discovered the results of these deserted doggies' matings, they took the puppies, and started adding a few final touches to what is now what we know is the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. And it all took place at where you'd most expect it- the Chesapeake Bay. But the mating upgrades I told you about happened in the U.S.A.
Bred with several qualities to help it hunt water vermin, this is the best water retriever out there! One characteristic includes the very soft-textured and weather-resistant coat. Sort of bear like, partially curly, and 100% natural, basically. The colors that the breed comes in are brown, sedge, and a apricot-like color that mimics dead grass. The color of that is- well, Deadgrass! These colors should never be mixed, and only can only be solid.
The breed has a thick tail to help it swim faster while retrieving vermin. They also have a strong breast area to help crush through ice while hunting in colder waters, and avoid the impact. And the last trait of this retrieving hunting hero, is his muscle assortments. The muscles on the breed are strong, and very powerful, and if you look at them, the limb muscles are powerful enough to leap out, and let the Chesapeake Bay Retriever jump further out into lakes. This helps the retriever when in hot pursuit of a water vermin, and to catch up, that jumping power gives the dog a speed boost. So that can be a huge Chesapeake Bay Retriever advantage.
So, you may be inspired by this pooch, but don't just adopt one right away. Get your training mind set up, because the breed is intelligent, but can be surprisingly independent. So experienced dog owners are required. But not much grooming. Just use a brush every so often, and you're good to go. Susceptible to bloat, displacia, and cancer maybe, but when properly cared for, this dog has very few health problems. This breed is recommended with mature families, and just adults, and if socialized at puppy hood, older children. But the age minimum ranges from children 7-9 years old. Toddlers are out of the list only because the Chesapeake Bay Retriever may hurt or dislike them.
But overall, if you have what it takes, such as experience and smarts, and a rural environment, Chesapeake Bay Retriever could be an addition to your amazing family!

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