Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is a regal sort of breed. If you think that a dog being hairless doesn't qualify, guess again! They can be sort of graceful. Just look at the picture of this Chinese Crested. And not all of them lack hair. There are two varieties, you see. There's hairless and powder puff.

Hairless ones have virtually, like the Xoloitzincini, Peruvian Inca Orchid, and a regular dog that's been shaved, hairless! But powder puffs were created when the breed's lack of hair was found out to not be controversial in the breed. The puppies during the breed history being bred sometimes were born with hair. That's how the Powder puffs were born. Powder puffs have double-layered, straightened coats. They are absolutely amazing and graceful-looking when they walk. Sometimes, you can't even tell a powder puff Chinese Crested is actually a real Chinese Crested. This is because when people think of Cresteds, they think of hairless dogs.

Hairless Chinese Cresteds are the way the breed got its name. Cresteds are named for the wad of fur that grow on their heads, and to the public, those tufts of fur sort of looked like crests! So, the breed was dubbed the "Chinese Crested."

Chinese Cresteds may not have originated in China, but China may have been the place the breed was upgraded and bred better at. We're not sure, however, about the breed's real history. But even today, these dogs are still the same- All calabunga and cravable!

They need sunscreen in hot climates, but they need winter gear for harsher, frigid weather, so the breed isn't the most durable. Hairless Cresteds are susceptible to Skin problems, dehydrating, knee cap issues, and heart problems. And with mature families, these dogs are great, but if toddlers are part of the situation, that isn't gonna work out. Children may mistreat the Chinese Crested. It's a very fragile creature, and can be sensitive when timid, which they can be around rambunctious children. But if you can suit the dogs needs, then they may be the best friend you've ever had! And maybe even literally!

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