Thursday, October 22, 2009


Airedales- Trustworthy, tremendous, terrific terriers that thrive on their owners' attention! Airedales, in case you didn't know, are the largest terriers! They can weigh over 55 pounds! That's heavy for a terrier. But this means the bigger the dog, the bigger the soul, and the Airedale's is soft and sweet. They love their owners, as long as their owners love them. But while these dogs look nice, they have a potential to sometimes, but not very often, guard dogs! So, you the Airedale seems versatile, huh?
But don't worry, the breed's history is pretty straight out. Here's how it happened: Breeders bred a wide assortment of terriers in England. When the final mating was proved successful, Airedales were vermin hunters. They would track down rabbits, badgers, foxes, and even otters! And to this very day, Airedales can still be used as hunting terriers.
They have many cool traits to help them with this. Like powerful speed, for running after vermin. Or that large size to give it more power on larger game. Also, their athletic nature means that the breed is always energetic, just look any typical terrier. But a large bundle of energy means that destruction may occur unless the energy bundle is undone. And if I were you, it'd be done outdoors.
So let them out every day for at least 1 hour or more. For hardiness, the breed is pretty substantial, but sometimes, they let an injury go and ignore it, so by the time it is visible, wounds are likely severe, and bloat, cancer, and displasia. But overall, Airedales live at least 10 years or longer. Airedales have moderately short coats, and must be hand-stripped twice a year, but a lot more times if your Airedale is used for show. And for families, train the Airedale to be nice with kids, and ensure that any kids you have know how to properly be like with an Airedale. So older children and adults are the best owners for this terrier breed. And if you form a strong enough bond between you and an Airedale, your life will be draped the sweet feeling of terrier affection!

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