Monday, October 19, 2009

Bichon Frise'

What dog is white or cream from head to paw? Is one of the highest maintenance breeds? And one of the few breeds possibly develop at Mediterranean sea? The Bichon Frise'! These lap dogs are the quit essential companion dog! They're loyal and loving, with affection constantly evaporating from its heart and being as if devoted toward its owner! Yep, that's the Bichon's reputation.
These dogs' histories, however, are much more different. Like I said, they developed at the Mediterranean sea. It developed by water dogs, possibly water spaniels. Then, with more breeding, the Bichon was born! Four main traits make the Bichon an amazing companion.
It has a white coloration. In the breed standard, the only qualified colorations are white or cream. But apricot patches near the ears or body. The second distinctive characteristic is the coat. It has a plush and soft texture, and two layers. The undercoat is lush and short. The coat never stops growing. It's bittersweet, though, because while this means no shedding, the coat keeps growing, and needs TONS of attention to cause the prevention of matting and bad condition of the coat. Also, if a Bichon isn't groomed with a puppy cut, they should a hood of fur around their head, as you can see in see in the image above. But the most amazing part of the breed is its soul. It provides tons of companionship, and gives the breed a affectionate and soft-hearted personality. No wonder the breed is popular.
For owners who possess the Bichon, this is what they have to look out for. So if you want this breed, consider the grooming bills. These dogs need tons of care, and need to be groomed once or twice, maybe even 3 times a week! But then, you can always shave the dog and give it a puppy cut, but then it wouldn't be able to used for show. Health is another minor but important concern. The breed may get too hot with its double-layered coat, but this isn't a huge issue in the breed. So overall, they have a long life span. Bichons do well with adult families, and enjoy placid lives, and children are too boisterous and loud for the Bichon Frise'.
But if you are the right owner for this affectionate pooch, you'll never regret adopting one if you choose to. And if you get one, you'll always feel loved by- by a best friend for life!

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