Friday, August 21, 2009

Afghan Hound

Afghans are an aristocratic, graceful hound. This hound is a very striking dog. There's just something distinctive about that dog that nobody can describe. Maybe Afghan people could. This dog likely was an Afghan dog bred to bring down large vermin. The Afghan then was pretty common. But when wars came, Afghans were killed for their coats to protect Afghan soldiers. And then, the breed became extinct. Totally extinct. But then the breed was brought back to life when it was revived by Scottish breeders. Now, the Afghan Hound is just a plain cool pooch.
They have one of those long muzzles, giving way to a snobbishly regal look. Another Afghan Hound trait is the long, silky coat. This coat is feathered and feels like silk, and makes the dog look dramatically aristocratic. But unlike kings, who just sits there in a throne all day, the Afghan Hound runs in fields all day. Yep, these are one of those athletic, energetic dogs. This makes them unideal for city loving. Only in rural environments does the Afghan Hound thrive in. And the breed's athletic nature presents the usual active dog problems, like displacia and bloat. The coat requires regular grooming. Afghans do best with older children and adults, but for those who can care for the dog, they'll be so loving, a toddler would be acceptable with an Afghan. So if you give the Afghan care, he'll give you love! Hound love, that is!

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