Tuesday, August 18, 2009


If you have a Boxer, than you know what toughness and power is all about. But despite that previous sentence, Boxers are said to be clownish and outgoing. Boxers are one of those German breeds, and if boxing is popular in Germany, it may explain why Boxers tend to have a habit. A habit of Boxing. They'll try to box you with their large paws. Boxers likely got the named from that habit.
Boxers come in brindle, fawn, fawn with white markings, and white. Boxers have an undershot jaw, giving it a very strong bite. But it isn't a throbbing bite. Many people have seen worse. But Boxers rarely make attempts to hurt their owners. When they box, it isn't that hard on you. Severe Boxer injuries typically only happen by accident. Boxers have very muscular, strong bodies. But the skeleton on this breed is weak.
So unfortunately, this dog can have some skeletal problems. Respiratory issues, displacia, bloat, overheating, and skin problems are also health concerns in the breed. But the leading cause of death in the Boxer is cancer. If not treated as soon as possible, cancer could kill a boxer.
But of all the "mediumish-largish" sized breeds, Boxers are one of the loyalist, most loving, most reliable you can find!

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