Monday, August 17, 2009

English Bulldog

Meet the English Bulldog, a dog that, in cartoons, are fierce, assertive guard dogs. Well, if you go back 2000 years ago in England, they would be like that. The Bulldog was bred to be a dog that could bring down bulls. The sport was called Bull Baiting. These dogs were illegal in some towns back then. But today, these dogs are some of the nicest dogs around. Bulldogs are the national dog of England. They are one of the most loving dogs around.
Bulldogs are so top-heavy, that they will drown in water. Bulldogs typicaly have large toungues. An undershot jaw was bred in the Bulldog to grasp bulls when Bull baiting. Loose skin was also bred in the Bulldog so it was less likely for the Bulldog to get severely hurt.
Bulldogs are brakesephalec, meaning they have flat faces. This makes them suseptible to respiratory issues and skin irritations. Clean the wrinkles daily or else one of those health problems can occur. English Buldogs can overheat easily, and are prone to many heart problems, and other life-threatening health problems. This dog has a life span of 4-6 years, one of the shortest of any breeds.
Despite all of the health issues, your bond with a Bulldog can't possibly be destroyed!

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