Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Japanese Chin

If there's a dog that matches the words cute, cuddly, and an awesome apartment dog, the Chin is the certain dog. The Japanese Chin originated in Japan where it was sacred, as a former companion dog. They would warm the laps of aristocratic kings and queens. Japanese Chins have a history far better than the Basenji's, but they still have a bad part to their history. Other people who weren't royal were not allowed to own one. So if the Chin saw a poor hobo on the street that it loved, it couldn't stay with it. But life proceeds on, even with the Chins.
These dogs used to be called the Japanese Spaniel, but then people decided that the "Japanese Spaniel's" name should be changed to "Japanese Chin" during the late 1970's.
These lap dogs are popular because they look so cute with their flat faces. This makes the face compact. The eyes, however, are pretty large. The coat is long, and going in all crazy directions unless thoroughly groomed regularly. While the coat comes in black in white more often, red and white Chins are accepted in the AKC breed standard. The paws of this breed are cat-like: small and compact. All of these traits make the breed cute.
They're so cute, you may want one. But remember all of the care requirements. Chins love to please. But they require extra grooming. Not minimal grooming, nor normal grooming, but not a ton either. In between all of those is the breed's grooming requirements. These dogs may be susceptible to respiratory problems, but they do great with young children. Not toddlers, but children aged 4 and older. But either adult or child, the Chin will provide your life with tons of unique love! Love the world never knew existed! That's the power of the Japanese Chin!

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