Friday, August 21, 2009

Minature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher is a small, energetic, fun-loving dog that is certainly a graceful small dog. Referred to as the "King of Toy dogs," Miniature Pinschers have many nicknames. The red ones are earn the nickname "Neh," by Germans. Other nicknames that include Zwergpinscher, (means Dwarf Biter) Min Pin, and Miniature Terrier, in English terms. Why Miniature terrier in English terms? Because in German, Pinscher means terrier. So basically, these guys are part terrier.
They come from Germany. They were likely ratters at barns. They would scare off rats that may spread major diseases to livestock and cattle. Today, these dogs are typically just a fun-loving companion.
Like most tednacious small dogs, Minature Pinschers think they are dominant. So they'll decide that they can take on anything, even if it's an aggressive Doberman! And obviously, the Miniature Pinscher would lose against that Doberman. So you have to keep a close eye on them.
Speaking of Dobermans, did you know that this dog's ancestors are likely Italian greyhounds and German pinschers? These dogs aren't even closely related, not even a teensy-bit related to the Doberman. But they look like. They both have large, alert ears, very short coats, and muscular bodies. But they still aren't closely related.
These dogs do have some health issues, but very few of them. They have a long life span compared to most other breeds. This Pinscher is best with mature families or singles, as children are too rough for the breed. Min Pins are best in climates that aren't too hot or too cold. Despite the small size, this pinscher isn't a lap dog. He requires a lot of daily exercise, and some attention, as if they are in the First-Class dog heaven or something. That may seem like a lot of extra care, but at least it give you a lot of time to do things- things like forming closer bonds. Bonds that stay for life!

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