Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier, commonly called "the Yorkie," for short, is a feisty, fearless, fun-loving terrier. Some say it looks like a dog that a queen or princess would have. Basically, they're describing the breed as aristocratic. So you would have to shocked to find out that Yorkies were originally bred in England to chase mice and rats. At least today, they are the most popular small dog
This terrier doesn't shed. But that means the coat never stops growing. If that coat is neglected for too long, it will be all matted and curled and unorganized. Yorkies sometimes get Pharyngeal Gag Reflex. Don't worry, it's not deadly. But grooming can be deadly if you show this dog. If you don't use a Yorkie for show, you can cut the coat shorter. Another option would be to cut the coat short, let it grow long and cut the coat short again, and so on. You'll hardly have to groom your dog at all, but when you do have to, it raises your grooming bills.
Fearless, Yorkies think that they are tough. And they'll take on anything they qualify as an enemy. "Enemies" may include children, so because of that, Yorkies are only good with adults and singles, (preferably singles.) Dental attention is the thing to be very alert about in this terrier's health.
A small, energetic, luxurious beauty, the Yorkie is a pooch that anyone with eyes can see is unique, and remarkable!

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