Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Newfoundlands are an awesome breed. They're like a human lifeguard. They have saved several people who were in trouble in water for a while. Newfoundlands come from... Newfoundland. There they would do many lifeguard-related tasks. This breed is a pure water dog with many helpful traits to make him a kanine lifeguard.
Webbed feet helps improve the Newfie's swimming qualities, and that is pretty useful if you're trying to save drowning people in water. They also have one of those soft mouths. This was important because the Newfoundland has to grab the struggling swimmer with his mouth, but in order not to hurt the victim in their grip, the mouth needs that soft texture. The victim won't feel any pain at all. The legs are strong and are specially designed for a special swimming technique. It's not similar to the doggie paddle. Basically, it's an advanced version of moving the front legs up and down. There's a lot more to it, though. But let's not go there. Finally, the Newfoundland possesses an oily, double-layered, natural, weather resistant coat. This is helpful because it protects them from freezing water temperatures. That coat comes darkish- brown, black, and black and white.
If you want this dog, give him some space. They are pretty large dogs. And they drool a lot and shed heavily, so they may be a bad dog for a neat person. They also have several health problems. They can overheat very easily, and that can be sad because Newfies are such a loyal dog. But the breed still has one strong thing about him- plenty of loyalty and love to share with you!

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