Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Anyone who owns a Bloodhound certainly knows what a powerful nose is. That certain nose belongs to the Bloodhound, the dog with a sense of smell that is stronger than any other breed. Bloodhounds are one of those scent hounds. Scent hounds are hounds that work by using their nose to find things. The Bloodhound is the largest of all the scent hounds. It's also one of the oldest. Some of the first Bloodhounds were located in Europe.
But today, Bloodhounds are welcome in many places in many countries. However, if you dislike slobber and drool, you probably won't bond with a Bloodhound that easily. One Bloodhound holds the record for the longest dog ears. Each ear measured over 1 foot! That's pretty long.
So you may wonder why Bloodhounds have a powerful nose. The aroma that the Bloodhound is smelling is put into the nose mucus. There is tons of it, way more than in a human's nose. That information is sent to the old scent bulb. Bloodhounds' scent bulbs are as big as a tissue sheet. Humans' are only as big as a button.
Smell is one thing about this hound, but one thing is where he'll go. If you think you're gonna go on a walk with a Bloodhound, they'll end up walking you. Bloodhounds will follow a scent no matter where it leads. So he'll roll in it. So he'll need to be bathed a lot.
And the wrinkles require lots of cleaning. If you want a large, slobbery, smelling friend, then the Bloodhound is what you need.

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