Wednesday, August 19, 2009

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are graceful dogs that are persistent to do whatever their master wants them to do. One German Shepherd starred in an old Hollywood movie called RinTinTin. It was very popular when it first aired. German Shepherds are obviously a German breed. But now that the breed has flourished, it has come a long way from its origin.
Most German Shepherds will try hard to protect their owners. So if you encounter an aggressive German Shepherd that you don't know, be extremely cautious. What helps the German Shepherd be a good guard dog is his bite. It's one of the strongest bites. The mouth is contained with over 35 powerful jaws. And the large size of this breed easily helps him with guarding power. But the Pit Bull is still the #1 guard dog.
German Shepherds have long coats that come in black and tan, black, and white. Their ears are fully pricked up and are alert. They also have a long muzzle with a powerful nose.
Because German Shepherds are loyal and brave, they are probably the most popular police dog. They chase and bring down bandits and sniff out bombs and drugs. They are a very helpful breed with that job. Some served as war dogs in World Wars I and II.
German Shepherds are hardy and tough dogs that have some health issues. Because they have long hair, German Shepherds are extremely heavy shedders. However, if you socialized the breed with children early, they'll make good family pets. Overall these loyal, large, persistent, brave, heroic dogs will ensure you everything but bad things!

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