Tuesday, August 18, 2009

St. Bernard

St. Bernards are dogs that capture the imaginations of many easily. The small, wooden barrel that they wear has nothing to do with reality. It's just a perception. But what isn't false about this breed is that he belongs in the frigid Swiss mountains.
Bred to save people buried in snow after avalanches, the St. Bernard is a literal life saver. This dog is part of the mastiff family. Like most mastiff-like dogs, St. Bernards are not small. They are huge. Large. LARGE. LARGE LARGE. Okay, we're getting carried away.
So anyways, St. Bernards have droopy jowls, and that gives way for drool. Lots of it. Hopefully, if you have a St. Bernard, you'll have a drool rat. This dog has a double-layered coat that is natural, and weather resistant. That explains why the breed doesn't mind the cold. Famous for saving people buried in snow, the St. Bernard is a hero in all cold climates. Large paws help these "HeroPooches" rip through thick snow. St. Bernards' large size was vital to give the dog power. To smell trapped victims concealed under snow, St. Bernards have an excellent sense of smell. They can smell through 2 feet under snow! No wonder this dog is so revered!
In most areas of the world, snowy mountains aren't common, but that shouldn't be a problem. Or is it? The thick coat that St. Bernards possess easily make them overheat. The breed can also be prone to many other health issues.
But love is the thing where St. Bernards are second to none. ..........................................................
Well what're you waiting for? If you think you're able to, get your St. Bernard now!

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