Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Greyhounds are a medium-sized hound that knows only 1 thing: Speed is everything. They are faster than any other dog breed. In some places, they race greyhounds. Contrary to the sport's excitement, racing this breed is a forbidden game in some places.
This breed is one of the oldest breeds ever known. Evidence of this breed has been found almost in every place on the globe. It's most likely that Greyhounds originated in Egypt. There, it was possibly a mummified dog because Egyptians thought it would protect the dead in their afterlife. In the 9th century, Greyhounds were possibly dogs that scared off vermin of all kinds, typically hares.
Earlier, the Greyhound's speed was described. The secret to the speed is the Greyhound's gait. It's like a leaping gait, with 3 stages. First, as the dog speeds into action, his legs are tucked upwards toward the belly. Next, the front and back legs drop toward the ground, and the hound pushes on the ground to leap up in the air. Finally, the legs extend straight out. So straight, it's almost like a perfectly straight line! Those 3 steps are combined, then repeated until the dog comes to a stop. Now, this breed is so fast, that he is the 3rd fastest land animal! The Greyhound's smaller cousin, the Whippet, is almost as fast. He has the same gait, but a smaller size.
The Greyhound is said to be a typical hound, so he is stubborn. With a short coat, Greyhounds are extremely low maintenance. Bloating is about the only major health issue in the breed. That means you'll have lots of years of love and loyalty. Though the Greyhound is fast, when he's done exercising, he'll cuddle with you on the couch all afternoon!

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