Friday, August 21, 2009


Basenjis are tough dogs that have been through a lot of bad things. They are said to be "barkless." And that's true. Basenjis don't bark at all, for they can't, but they do make the other usual dog sounds. Being barkless is one thing, but this dog's history is partially cruel. The breed is said to have originated in Egypt. However, the breed was then delivered to Central Africa, where they were vermin hunters. Then, an attempt to deliver Basenjis to Great Britain was made. But due to aggression, the Basenjis that were going to be sent to England were killed. Then, on the second try, the breed flourished to England. Some individuals were sent to North America, but one named Boris was killed due to too much aggression. Now, the breed has recovered from his life of cruelty.
These hounds are very old dogs. But they still come with all of their special assorted traits. The breed has a short coat, large head, and 2 pairs of compact paws. And let's not forget the curled up tail with a white tip.
These dogs do well anywhere, but require daily exercise. They have a few health issues, but not a ton. And they are very clean dogs, and require almost no grooming. Having a Basenji may mean a bad watchdog, but it also means a special hound that went through a lot of deaths just to make it to your country. What an amazing dog!

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