Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Schnauzers are dogs that are obviously extreme. How? Well, we all know that each dog is different and unique, but the schnauzer in some people's opinions is a dog that varies a lot. It comes in 3 sizes, many versions of salt and pepper, black, other colors, and incredible personalities.
So where did these dogs come from? Well, Germany has bred a lot of dogs, and the Schnauzer is one of them. Miniature Schnauzers were bred to attack all vermin of all types. From foxes to raccoons to deer, their small size was anything but underestimated. The Standard or medium schnauzer protected his owners and their livestock. He would scare off any vermin like foxes and coyotes that may hurt his owners or their livestock. Giant Schnauzers, despite their name, are a stronger, and slightly larger version of the standard schnauzer. This dog was most well-known as dogs that were excellent at driving and herding dogs. Occasionally, the Giant Schnauzer could be spotted guarding his master's homes.
Today, each size has a special trait. The miniature is the most popular size. The standard size is the oldest size. And obviously, Giant is the largest size. Schnauzers are robust dogs that have long fur growing downwards on the bottom of their muzzle. That is the beard, one of the most obvious traits in the breed. Another trait is the wiry coat. It needs to be hand stripped, especially if you show the dog.
Start training the schnauzer early or else they may try to get smart on you. Taking care of schnauzers may seem time-consuming, but that time opens the window of opportunity to form a bond as robust as the schnauzer's body is!

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