Monday, August 17, 2009


Chihuahuas are the world's smallest dogs. Dancer the Chihuahua currently holds the record as world's smallest dog. Dancer is only 4 inches- now that's one minuscule dog. According to AKC, a good Chihuahua weighs less than 6 pounds. Chihuahuas might be a close relative of the Fennic Fox, the smallest, most social fox in the world.
We know very little about this breed's history. We do know that this is an old breed though. Most say that the breed originated in Mexico. The tail can be either curled up, or set down, and the coat can either be long or short. This is the only dog with a malaria. A malaria is a soft area on the forehead. If you own a Chihuahua, you may notice that he's fearless. That's normal, as these dogs like to think of themselves as dominant. But the breed is weaker than he thinks. So if your Chihuahua mistakens a car for a predator, he'll try to hurt it, but the car will hurt the dog instead. So keep your Chihuahua on a leash at all times, and watch them carefully at all times.
Remember that this dog is very fragile, and small-boned. Because of that, this breed is best with single or adult families. Speaking of anatomy, did you know that this dog's heart beats faster than many other breeds? That's because smaller animals have a faster heart rate.
Known to live 15 or more years, this is one of the healthiest dogs out there. The only bad thing about this dog is that he needs to be kept in hot climates. That's bad because this gives way to low adaptability scores. But at least this dog is sweet and loving. So if you get one, keep your bond with it strong!

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