Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Labrador Retriever

Every dog has his day, but if you own a Labrador, then you'll have a great day everday-and so will your dog. Labs are the most popular dog breed. Unsurprisingly, it seems that labs can be found in almost any neightborhood. It's typical to see these guys everwhere. So you'd be surprised that this dog originated off the coast in Newfoundland. Where on the coast was this dog made? Near the beaches of the Labrador Sea. And that's how the breed got the name.
The full name is Labrador Retriever. But some call it the Labrador, and occasionally, some folks name the breed "the Lab." The Lab may not be on the top 5 list for intelligent dogs, but they are on the top 10 list.
Labs have been heroes during 911, risking their lives as they shaved other's. The breed is also popular as service and police dogs. There are three coat colors: Black, Chocolate, and yellow. Webbed paws, strong, musclar limbs, and a thick tail helped this dog be good at retrieving water game.
Constantly happy, the lab has a tail that constantly wags. If you are a tidy person, this breed may not be a good fit due to the reason that it sheds heavily. But most owners ignore the heavy shedding. This dog needs some running space. It requires daily exercise, as physical activity is a priority to the breed. But the shedding and required exercise hardly should do any damage to you and your dog's bond, right?

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