Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are a loyal, long-haired, large, graceful dog that has people go crazy for them. The Golden is a very popular retriever. He's feisty, and is extremely outgoing, and loving. Goldens were obviously bred to retrieve vermin. Like most retrievers, Golden retrievers have soft mouths. This way, the dog could carry an animal without hurting it. Labs also have soft mouths.
Golden retrievers have been used as dogs in sports movies. One was used to make several Air Bud movies. This dog is certainly athletic, but you have to train him to play basketball and soccer. To train them to fetch-you don't have to. A mature Golden will run after anything you throw. That shows all of the retrieving in his blood. The coat is weather-resistant. But it is a long coat, and spurs can get easily get caught in it. This dog comes in any color that is similar to gold.
If you could make a list of the top 5 smartest breeds, the Golden would be #3. That makes them easily trainable. But do training early just for a good cause. You may want to train your dog not to be mouthy. Not only is this breed #3 for intelligence, but he is also #3 for being likely to bite things. Not only the children and you, but underwear, the sofa, pillows, clothes, and other possessions.
Golden retrievers should get daily exercise. Their athletic nature makes them prone to bloating and displacia. Another problem in the breed is cancer, a very authentic health problem in the breed. So be sure that your Golden's parents did not have cancer-related problems. But taking good care of your dog is the best you can do. If your dog knows that, he'll love you for life!

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