Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The Puli is a stubborn, tough herding dog. It may look small, but he is an active breed. If you think you like the Puli so far, you may wonder where he comes from. Pulis originated in Hungary. They would herd shepherds' sheep. Back then at those times, Pulis were found everywhere in Hungary's rural areas. But then, something terrible happened. The Puli's popularity somehow decreased. It was about to go extinct. Then, the breed was revived. And if the breed wasn't revived, then this post wouldn't be here.
Even though Pulis aren't close to the top of the popularity list, they're still amazing dogs. Probably the most obvious trait of this breed is the coat. They are grown into long, straight dreadlocks. Pulis aren't the only dogs with dreadlocks. Corded Poodles and Komondors both have dreadlocks, too. The tail curls up onto the back. And then there's the Pui coloration. This dog is best known in black, but he also comes in rust, and white.
Pulis should be kept in the country, as they are active, energetic, and feisty. Pulis are notoriously independent, and require experienced trainers, and are best with adults. But overall, as long as Pulis are happy, they may become the best friend you have ever had!

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