Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are Hollywood's favorite villain dog. In reality, they can be villain-like sometimes. And if you lived in Germany when the Doberman was first created, then he was a loaded gun! Mr. Dobermann, a tax collector, bred the Doberman to be a fierce guard dog to prevent bandits from stealing the cash. Dobermans are a large dog that today still guards some people's homes.
One of the smartest breeds, the Doberman is probably the largest of all the pinschers. If trained properly, however, Dobermans can be a gentle giant. But it is still wise to be cautious around Dobermans. They have been known to injure and possibly kill people.
Ears on the breed that are large, and alert give it a fierce appearance. The breed's body is very muscular and strong, but the skeleton is weak. The bones are often the first to go, but Dobermans can overheat, get bloat, displacia, get too cold, and get dental problems.
If you prefer to have a nice dog, you'll have to train a Doberman not to be protective, and that is easy, but experienced owners do best with the breed due to safety reasons. If you train him hard, and put your efforts into socializing him, the Doberman will be your life's most important animal!

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