Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Dachshunds are a heavily celebrated dog. They are well-known as "Wiener Dogs," and "Hot Dogs." Widely adored as a companion dog, it seems that Dachshund's popularity levels keep getting bigger all of the time. But things can get long about this pooch, too. The longest? Perhaps his body. The body is long, and that's how the Dachshund got the nickname "Hot Dog!"
There are so many Dachshunds to choose from. Either Long-haired, Wire-haired, or Short-haired, Miniature, or Standard, or Puppy, or adult, it's no wonder you'll find Dachshunds so intriguing! The legs on the dachshund are short. This presents health problems, so the best place to get a Dachshund from is a reputable breeder. In fact, that is one of two good places to get a dog in general. Experts advise not to get dogs from pet stores. The reason for that is puppy mills are likely to happen. A Puppy Mill is when puppies are poorly treated. When they grow up, they may end up in pet stores. To avoid a lack of health and prevent puppy mills, adopt from a breeder or shelter.
If you want a watchdog, you may want be a watchful person yourself. Dachshunds are sometimes too good. They have a loud bark, and when they hear something, the barking goes on for minutes. Even if the dog is hears a sound that seems peculiar to him, he'll fall to pieces. Being fragile, mature families are the best for this breed.
Dachshunds may be extremely stubborn, but at least when you adopt this dog, you'll have a supposedly hardy, persistent, loving, low maintenance companion dog with a devotion to you that knows no bounds!

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