Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The Collie is a revered herding dog that is well-suited toward any one's liking. Very intelligent, loving, loyal, and outgoing, Collies are a popular pooch no matter where you go. Collies were likely bred to do farm chores, especially herding. But that is only the beginning of the Collie.
In the present, right now, Collie's are still a beloved breed. People seem to cherish Collies because they form strong bonds. Collies would do anything for their masters. This breed has a coat that is typically rough and long, but smooth collies are common, too.
The ears are compact, and have a slight fold at the tip. The muzzle is long, and the back is well-arched.
Collies are special because they are so smart. They're very easy to train and teach tricks to. But they are heavy shedders, and very high maintenance. But luckily, loyalty is the Collies strength. And if you are devoted to your Collie, he'll love you back.

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