Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Beagles are a popular hound that the world has known to fall in love with easily. The logo of Metlife, (Snoopy,) and Charlie Brown's dog,(also Snoopy,) is a Beagle. In England, the Beagle was used as a wild game and vermin hunting dog. Many traits were acquired in the breed that made him a true hunting hound.
One common, but random trait is that the Beagle's coloration is usually a combo of black, copper, and white. Like most hunting hounds, Beagles have a white tip at their tail just in case they got lost on a hunt. The hunter could spot the Beagle more easily through thick deciduous biomes. Or, plan B could be used. If the dog was lost, it could just howl loudly. It was easy for a hunter to know that a Beagle was missing. Being able to bark loudly is a good ability for any hunting dog. The nose of this dog has strong smelling power. A Beagle may end up following a scent anywhere, even in the street. So keep Beagles on a leash @ all times.
Some Beagles are bedbug trackers to help exterminators know where all the insects hide. Bedbugs are elusive insects, for they can hide far beyond your bed.
If your Beagle is not a hunter, nor a bug finder, then you'll have to bathe it a lot. The reason for that is because Beagles may roll around in scents, and they do it way more than once. But if that bathing doesn't bother you, than a Beagle may end up being your next best friend!


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