Friday, August 21, 2009

Irish Setter

If you want a medium-sized, reliable, energetic, aristocratic dog, the Irish Setter is a good match. These dogs are fun and said to be "clownish" at times. But they think they're humoring you. It's funny once you get what's happening. But what to us is a devoted companion, to a vermin, the Irish Setter is a living nightmare! This starts the breed history.
It took place in Ireland. It's likely that after Irish Water Spaniels, Irish Terriers, English Setters, Gordon Setters, Spaniels, and Pointers were mixed, the Irish Setter was put to work. They would point out, kill, or chase off vermin of all kinds. But Irish Setters were originally red and white, not red. The white coloration was made so hunters could spot the dog more easily. Today, Red Irish Setters may be more popular than red and whites, but they're both the same fun-lovin' breed! Irish Setters join Glen of Imaals, Kerry Blues, Irish terriers and Wheatens in the Irish dog group.
Probably the most recognizable of all the setters, Irish Setters are popular for their long, silky coats, graceful dispositions and medium-sized ears.
The Irish Setter requires mainly regular grooming, mostly brushing. They are energetic and do not fair well in city or suburban living. They require lots of daily exercise. These breeds are prone to cancer, heart problems, displacia, bloat, and other normal health issues for medium breeds. But all in all, the Irish Setter is the type of dog that anyone could see is a loyal friend for anyone to love, and the same goes for the Irish Setters!

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