Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The Pug- a classical, fun-loving, cute dog that captures the heart of the dog lovers everywhere. Many people call the Pug irresistable. This is a small, flat faced, curly tailed, loving dog that comes from China. They were a lot larger in size when they were first bred. Now, these are small, popular pooches.
It's hard not to love the Pug. People who hate them are extremely rare. It's hard to know why Pugs are so popular. Maybe it's the curled up tail. In the breed standard, the tail requires two curls. Another trait humans probably love Pugs for is the brakesiphalec face. That means Pugs have flat faces. The eyes are large and bulgy. This makes Pugs ideal for getting proptosis. The last trait is the short coat. It comes in many shades of fawn, and black.
Pugs can overheat easily. Respiratory issues, spinal problems, and skin irritations are some of the moderate amount of health concerns for the breed. Like most dogs with wrinkled faces, you must use a rag to clean the folds. This is a daily chore for Pug owners. Pugs are fragile, so as long as you don't rough house with them, Pugs do well with young and old children. But wether you're single or married or family, you'll have fun with a Pug no matter what happens!

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