Friday, August 21, 2009

Tosa Inu

The Tosa Inu is a dog that is certainly the ultimate fighting dog. They are a very uncommon breed. Not amused yet? Well, maybe you'll be amused to find out more info about the Tosa. They are also known as the Tosa, Tosa Fighting dog, and the Tosa's Inu. The breed originated in Japan, when dog fighting was a legal, popular sport. These dogs were bred to do that exact thing, and they often won the fight. But there is sad news.
Because dog fighting is currently forbidden today, Tosa Inus are near extinction. And these dogs are naturally assertive dog breeds, so many people don't understand the breed. That results as Tosa Inus being in many animal shelters, where they typically aren't adopted, and put to sleep. It's really sad, but those who do understand Tosas are making attempts to revive the breed, and hope that many Tosa Inu rescue clubs increase the population of Tosa Inus. Now, Tosa Inus are starting to come back again!
If you ever do see a Tosa, you may see some wrinkly skin. Those wrinkled made protected the Tosa's internal organs from injury. And the breed's large size made him harder for rival dogs to bring him down.
Right now, the dog isn't really connected to most people, but for people who understand the Tosa Inu, there are considerations. These dogs are stubborn and require experienced dog owners. They are moderate grooming dogs, for the many wrinkles need daily cleaning. Some health concerns are a problem in the breed, and Tosas do well with adults, but not children. But overall, if you give the Tosa a chance, he become the star dog of tomorrow!

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