Friday, August 21, 2009


The Pekingese is a small, flat faced, long haired, luxurious pooch that is a certainty to possess. Just ask the Chinese people. In ancient China, this breed was so loved, it became sacred. Now, anyone can own a Pekingese, even if they aren't rich and royal people. The Pekingese is very recognizable. They have a very, very long coat, and very, very flat face. It's no wonder these dogs are so obvious.
That long coat has 2 layers, and both of them are very long. That coat is extremely high maintenance, especially if the dog is used for show. The flat face is typically black. Pekingese, just like Chins, Pugs, and Bulldogs are brakesiphalec. That means that they have wrinkles, and respiratory issues. The trait that doesn't infect the low maintenance or healthy part of the breed are the ears. They are medium in length, and long and silky.
While the ears don't do damage, the double layered coat and flat face do. It makes Pekingese overheat more easily than pugs and bulldogs can. So unless you have a cold climate in your area, you shouldn't possess the Pekingese. These dogs also require daily walks. They are also very hard to groom, so you are going to see that you're grooming bills are very high when you get this breed. But overall, Pekingese are cute, happy, and just plain loving!

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